Posted by: keatabeata | September 26, 2007

Pay Day and 5 year anniversary!!!

Well I got my first paycheck yesterday for my new job.  This is the first paycheck I have gotten in over 3 years.  I am so proud of myself.  Now I will admit, it wasn’t a huge check, but it was mine.  I worked for that money.  I feel good about that.  I am not only doing something to help the family, but I also am helping better myself.  I don’t usually feel proud of myself, in fact I usually don’t think much about myself at all, but I am now.  I am so glad that I am working.  Keep the paydays coming!!!

I of course saved a little of my check, not 10% like I should, but a little.  I pay my most important bills first, like rent and utilities.  That’s about all my little checks will go to which is okay.  Plus, yesterday was my 5 year anniversary so I am planning something special for my husband when he comes home.  We made it 5 years together.  Some days it feels like it’s been a lot longer. Ha ha, just kidding honey.

Posted by: keatabeata | September 23, 2007

Trivia September 23, 2007

Disney Movies-

For the Disney film Aladdin (1992), Robin Williams agreed to work for “scale,” the Screen Actors Guild minimum of $485 per day, plus a painting by Pablo Picasso.

Posted by: keatabeata | September 23, 2007

Raiders Won!!!!!!

One thing I should have mentioned before is I am a huge Raiders fan.  Now I know they haven’t been doing great the last couple of years, but I have stuck by them.  When Kelly blocked that kick I was so excited.  This makes their 1st win of the season.  Now they had a couple of tough losses, especially the Broncos game. (My father-in-law loves Denver so I am still hearing about that one.)  I have a good feeling about this season.  I always say that though.

Raiders play Miami next weekend.  They are 0-3 so hopefully the Raiders will pull together for the win.

Also, I watch Dallas because my husband is a huge fan.  I don’t even bother talking to him during the game because he totally tunes me out.  They played Chicago tonight. They won 32-10.  Not a very exciting game but at least they won.  They are 3-0 now.  Yeah Dallas!!!

Posted by: keatabeata | September 22, 2007


Well I’ve finished my first week of work.  It went really well. Also both my kids and I handled it well.  They were upset for the first few days.  Trevor, my 3 year old said “Mom, please don’t go. Stay with me forever.”  He is ok now because I tell him every morning that I will hurry as fast as I can and come home.  That makes him happy.  Then when I do come home he runs up and hugs me and says “mMomom you hurried really fast.”  James (1 year old)  just yells “Mom” and comes running up to me.  He always wants me to pick him up, and he gives me a hug.  It is so nice to be reminded how much my kids love me.  It makes all the work stuff worth it. 

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