Posted by: keatabeata | September 22, 2007


Well I’ve finished my first week of work.  It went really well. Also both my kids and I handled it well.  They were upset for the first few days.  Trevor, my 3 year old said “Mom, please don’t go. Stay with me forever.”  He is ok now because I tell him every morning that I will hurry as fast as I can and come home.  That makes him happy.  Then when I do come home he runs up and hugs me and says “mMomom you hurried really fast.”  James (1 year old)  just yells “Mom” and comes running up to me.  He always wants me to pick him up, and he gives me a hug.  It is so nice to be reminded how much my kids love me.  It makes all the work stuff worth it. 

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