Posted by: keatabeata | September 23, 2007

Raiders Won!!!!!!

One thing I should have mentioned before is I am a huge Raiders fan.  Now I know they haven’t been doing great the last couple of years, but I have stuck by them.  When Kelly blocked that kick I was so excited.  This makes their 1st win of the season.  Now they had a couple of tough losses, especially the Broncos game. (My father-in-law loves Denver so I am still hearing about that one.)  I have a good feeling about this season.  I always say that though.

Raiders play Miami next weekend.  They are 0-3 so hopefully the Raiders will pull together for the win.

Also, I watch Dallas because my husband is a huge fan.  I don’t even bother talking to him during the game because he totally tunes me out.  They played Chicago tonight. They won 32-10.  Not a very exciting game but at least they won.  They are 3-0 now.  Yeah Dallas!!!

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