Posted by: keatabeata | September 20, 2007


How important is it to read to your children?  I think it is very important.  Reading helps kids develop their vocabulary, but it also helps them develop thier creativity and imagination.  My three year old picks up new words from practically every book we read.  He also likes to pretend he is one of the characters out of the book.  Some of the books that we read that only have a few words per page, he memorizes the words and recites them for fun.  The books he likes the best are by Sandra Boynton.  His favorite book to recite is Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs. 

Also, for me, the best part of reading is when he reads books to me.  He doesn’t always get the words right, in fact, sometimes he just completely makes up a story.  It is great fun because he has the most vivid imagination.  I love our reading time.  My one year old hasn’t quite started to enjoy reading yet, he is more interested in turning the pages than what is actually on them.  Children are such a joy.

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