Posted by: keatabeata | September 19, 2007

Grocery Shopping

I live in a small town that doesn’t even have a Walmart.  There is a bigger (not big, just bigger) town about 20 miles away that does have a Super Walmart, and Kmart etc.  Rent is much cheaper in my town, gas is also cheaper (the town nearby is a major tourist town so gas is expensive).  The only problem with my town is that the groceries are very expensive.  Any item I can get at Super-Walmart. I can get in my town for about $1.00 more.  That really adds up.  Most of  the time I end up driving the 2o miles to shop at Walmart. 

My husband complains that anything I save in groceries I will burn up in gas, but in all reality I can go to the town and back on one gallon (thank God my car gets GREAT gas mileage).   So it only costs me about $3 to drive there and back and I can save (literally) near a hundred dollars shopping for a month at Walmart.  Also, I rarely buy extra just because I’m saving money.  That is one of my money saving strategies.   I make a list and try very very hard to stick to it.  I know that the “extras” really add up.  Also a good tip I’m sure everyone knows is not to shop when you’re hungry because then you want to buy everything!!!

Walmart Logo 

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