Posted by: keatabeata | September 17, 2007

Truths about Marriage

I read an article on MSN called “8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage” and it really hit a nerve for me.  I will admit that I kind of believed marriage would be semi-easy. I figured, if two people are in love, how hard can being together forever be.  Well, as the article discusses, marriage is hard work.  I tried the whole “don’t go to bed mad” philosophy for a while, but sometimes you can’t stop being mad in one night (or two even).   After a few really really long nights, I decided that maybe giving each other time to “cool off” was a better philosophy.  It actually works better because sometimes we aren’t really as mad as we seem in the moment, and by the next morning, all is forgiven.

Another thing marriage has taught me (something my husband has yet to learn) is that having problems doesn’t mean we don’t have a good, strong marraige.  My husband always says, “How can you say we have a good marraige, we always have some kind of problem with each other.”  And I have been telling him (for 5 years now) that I judge the marriage by how hard we work to make it work, not by how many problems we have.  I just figure that if we are always trying hard to make it work, that means we really love each other and we want to continue being together. I think that is more important than how often we argue.

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