Posted by: keatabeata | September 15, 2007

Exercise and Children

I have found a solution to my exercise problem.  If I do it at home, my children climb all over me, need my attention all of a sudden, or just whine and complain non-stop.  If I go to the gym, I have to get them packed up, get them to the daycare center, fight with them over staying as opposed to going with me, and break my heart when they cry when I leave them.

So I needed a way to get my exercise in with them.  I found a cute little path around a lake in my town.  It is niceley paved, and the scenery is beautiful.   I don’t have a stroller built for two, and my 3 year ol walks too slow.  My parents got my youngest a really nice wagon for his birthday.  The Radio Flyer 2700 Pathfinder Wagon.  It is a Cadillac of wagons.  It has two seats, complete with seatbelts and cup holders.  I pull them in the wagon while I walk.  They have  a great time being outside watching the fish jump, and the birds fly, and I get in some (much needed) exercise. 

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