Posted by: keatabeata | September 13, 2007


Bedtime can be a struggle.  Both of my children have different issues with bedtime.  My oldest, he’s 3, doesn’t want to go to bed, ever.  He is perfectly happy staying up all night.  My youngest, 17 months,  will go to bed at bed time and sleep for a few hours, but then he wakes up and wants to get up and play.  I try my best to leave him in his bed and let him calm himself down until he can go to sleep again.  If he is crying alot, I go in his room and talk to him and try and comfort him a little, but I really try not to get him out of bed.  My doctor told me to NEVER feed him when he wakes up at night or he will see that as a reward and continue to wake up all night. 

I let my three year old wind down on his own too, right before bedtime, in his own room.  He will usually lay on his bed and read his books, or maybe play quietly.  He stays up too late usually and is very grumpy in the daytime because of this.  I need to find a way to get him to go to bed earlier. 

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